At Blue Innovation we aim to inspire through our graphic art and do our best to ensure top quality solutions. 
Since starting in October 2009, we have been involved in a variety of projects.  Some big, others small, but all of which
provided our clients with exceptional designs at a reasonable price and fast turnaround time.
“Here at Blue Innovation we hope to give each client’s project the individual attention it deserves and with that
we are looking forward to making a difference in the creation and branding of new and innovative business ideas.”
The BlueInnovation Team


 Our Services

  • Webdesign

    Web-based Projects

    We design mind-blowing websites to suit your needs. With a goal of creating a professional website it is sure to fit your business perfectly.

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  • Logo

    Company Branding

    A good brand can completely turn your business around. That is why we try to make every aspect of your company's image unique.  

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  • Printed Media

    Printed Media

    Printed media plays a big part in todays competitive environment. Let us help you design media to catch your market's attention.

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  • Packaging

    Packaging Design

    We design unique packaging, and we also assist with the legal requirements (such as food labelling laws) that retailers require. 

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